8 reasons why you should attend the PHP Conference Asia 2016

Last year's PHP Conference Asia was amazing! There were 230 PHP developers & professionals from across the Asia with 23 international and regional speaker though it has pros and cons but it mostly what I expected  - Fun, very geeky, highlights about PHP 7, food was great, able to learn new stuff from the speakers... Continue Reading →


Adding CakePhp to your Mac OS System

Okay, I've been a mac user for years now not until last April where I sell my macbook white and went back to windows - and that's a total fuck off! My life is full of suffering, pain and depress.  - That's too much. But just today I just bought my Macbook Pro 15 inch... Continue Reading →

Ma.tt and the future of WordPress

Seeing Matt again for second time since  5 years ago at Word Camp Davao 2008 was so cool and the future of WordPress is the most game changing in the world wide web. Thanks to Singapore PHP User Group for inviting Matt in Singapore for the Matt Mullenweg live in Singapore #mattinsg and to Microsoft Singapore for... Continue Reading →


Do you having problems installing Symfony on your nginx server? You want to have a frontend page and backend page using this framework? I'm considering you're already familiar with symfony Okay so let's start!! =) so index.php = FRONTEND and admin.php = BACKEND just edit your nginx configuration for your http://www.website.com type: cd /etc/nginx/sites-enabled then... Continue Reading →

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