April is always been in the tech world since the day she discovered how to play Nintendo and enjoyed it. Was an avid computer gamer when she was young and graduated Bachelor of Science in Information Technology as a ‘Cum Laude‘  from the University of the Immaculate Concepcion last 2009. She started to work as Web Programmer in a US Based company, After that she moved to a B2B Lead generation marketing company as one of the Software Developer. Then at the age of 22, she moved to Singapore and worked as a Software Engineer in a start-up company funded by NUS then currently as a Project Manager in a corporate  IT company in Singapore at the age of 27 where she managed five programmers overseas and around 15 clients. She is now a certified ScrumMaster.

She also a co-founded the PHP Women community in Singapore.

Awards, Certifications and Achievements:


PHP,MySQL, Javascript, Python, C++, SEO,SEM,  Mobile App Development, Project Management


  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • British Chamber of Commerce Singapore – Corporate SME Member


  • Yoga – regular student at All About Yoga Singapore
  • Attending Meetups – I attend PHPUGS, Talk.JS, Kopi.JS, ProductCamp, Product Tank meetups.
  • Coffeeshop – where I spend my weekends
  • Wine, Cider, Beer – my favourite drinks aside from coffee
  • Game of Thrones – ask me anything I can answer
  • X-men- I’m a biggest fan!
  • Blogging – since 2006
  • Editing my travel videos – been doing this for 8 years now

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