Traveling won’t magically help you “find” yourself

While browsing my Facebook this morning scrolling down looking at my friends’ photos partying last night, doing hiking at MacRitchie,awesome yoga poses, sharing posts about trump and reading how politically righteous my friends are on expressing their analysis about the recent political news globally and locally.

So the one post that I appreciate the most is this – Self-made millionaire: Millennials, don’t travel—yet. Wow something realistic opposing to those viral videos telling us people in our 20s to travel and don’t worry about money. And yes like how older people feels I find it so ridiculous and superficial. These videos encouraging young people to stop saving money, don’t buy properties and just spend your money in travelling and you will be more smarter than anyone in your age. Yes true but is it so stupid to be broke at all time?

OK. so I am surrounded with Gen X people at work and at home than being with millennials and suggestions are:

1- Dont waste your money on travelling. You can spend but if you have extra after paying mortgage and savings.
2- Dont give up your career for travelling. Travel during your Annual leave.
3- Buy property
4- Spend your time developing your career at 20s
5- Save money
6- Marriage doesn’t need to be forced. It will come
7- Good age to have a baby is when you turn 35.
8- Having kids doesn’t need to have a husband. Big percentage of marriage nowadays end/divorce because us love is not all the time last long. Most millennial women has the same range of career/salary with men, being a housewife is not anymore an option.

Talking about overcoming heartaches,Young people thought it also helps I also thought too! so Last year I impulsively packed my bag went to the airport and bought an airline ticket on that day to Phuket and then booked a hotel.. Luckily it wasn’t a holiday season so the cost is not so high but still I wasted money.

When I arrived there, I cried and told myself “What The F* am I thinking”, “Why did I do it?”.

It didn’t changed how I feel but It did taught me to calm and surround yourself with people who loves you at all time. And that is the healing process.

Another reason why you need to spend time travelling (they say) is to find yourself, find your purpose. I  have been travelling alone for most of my trips and the reason is that I don’t like being with bunch of people wasting my time waiting, going to places that I don’t like and depend on them on each  places we will be going which makes is not challenging. So that’s it. I am still me when I’m back home, nothing has changed.

That’s it! Don’t live your life to the fullest when you are still young. You need to struggle, cry and learn.


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