Soulscaping at Soulscape Festival 2016

Soulscape 2016 is one of the most iconic Mindful Movement Festival I’ve attended.  It is full of energetic, gorgeous yogis in Singapore  even though you are practicing from different studios or at home we were as one having fun by combining the Element of Dance, Yoga and Music as one.

Last October 1, 2016 at Tanjong Pagar Beach Club I was one of the Yogis who participated Soulscape Festival 2016. I’ve been practicing Yoga for 3 years now and I’ve been consistent practicing it not just because I want to get flexible or toned or become stronger it is mainly because I enjoyed doing it and I think most of the Yogis do.

Here are some of my photos I took last Saturday:


With the gang I am with who are also into Yoga.


Me and Dyan doing our Headstand by the Beach


Me and Jamie doing the crow pose face to face.

14432969_10154556216952579_4691532150057043843_nSome are doing Acro Yoga.


Dancer’s pose while waiting for the sunset yoga


We brought our own mats and was amaze that almost all of us has manduka mats!


We certainly didnt drink any cocktails at all that day! It’s a Twinnings Tea!


The participants are all amazing! Here in Singapore we all have busy weekdays and coming together in Tanjong Beach club in  a weekend is so relaxing!

Overall, it was an amazing event and I will still join next year especially when you are into Yoga and you have yogi pals as well.





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