8 reasons why you should attend the PHP Conference Asia 2016

Last year’s PHP Conference Asia was amazing! There were 230 PHP developers & professionals from across the Asia with 23 international and regional speaker though it has pros and cons but it mostly what I expected  – Fun, very geeky, highlights about PHP 7, food was great, able to learn new stuff from the speakers and able met some PHP women programmers. Also able met other developers from Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia and it was great to be able to up to date on what’s happening on PHP and to the web development industry.

If you are a web enthusiast here’s why you should attend the PHP Conference Asia 2016:

8. Renewed Motivation

I get this a lot! Every time when I’m in a programming conferences or meetups I met good and motivated people with so many cool ideas and projects and whenever the speakers present an awesome technology and you feel like “I’m so behind already”  I mean that is the purpose right? to motivate you and makes you more excited on the industry you are in.

7 – Networking


Developers I met last year’s PHP conference

Luckily, this is not a market networking and this is much fun as you can meet awesome and cool developers around Asia and learn what they already know. You can get great tips and technique and you got to meet those same minded person share some ideas and you never knew what will happened from that meeting. Network and connect with more PHP  developers and experts like yourself.


6 – Find a new job (or a new employee)

This is not applicable to developers who are already happy on their company and I am not encouraging developers to leave their company okay? just a disclaimer 🙂


Last year’s PHP Conference 2015 Job Posting board

Conferences are the perfect place to go when you’re looking for a new challenge or when you’re hiring for your own organization. Like last year, there was a Job posting board where employers posted their job opening and PHP devs approach these employers in the same room immediately! How convenient and easy is that to find a new job?

5- Learn about other PHP programmer’s culture

PHP Conference 2016 invites all PHP programmers from beginners to expert level from the different parts of Asia and meeting them you will learn different cultures and  it’s good to have a different friends on other countries right?

4 – Gain Perspective

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 11.39.47 AM

Organizers invited speakers to talk about the latest PHP technology, securities, frameworks and integration to other 3 party apps so a high percentage of conversations are going to be interesting. Talk presenters are often sharing new strategies and workplace methodologies that you either haven’t encountered or don’t have the data to get your workplace to try. Many presenters share slides and links to data to help you see why you should (or shouldn’t) try that new thing everyone’s been talking about. You might learn new techniques that save you money or shortcuts to help make your old techniques more efficient. You might even learn some guidelines for when to use a tool and when another tool is a better fit for the task at hand.

Programming conferences are prime place for learning about new or obscure libraries and packages that you haven’t used before. If it’s been done before, then someone somewhere will eventually give a talk about it.

3- Tutorial Session

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 11.39.33 AM

This year’s conference is not just a conference. Tutorial Day is added to those programmers who wanted to have a hands-on learning. The topics are mostly interested and well-demand in the web industry such as Learning MVC,  have an insight to the most complicated e-commerce CMS called Magento, building website using Drupal, Docker and etc. If you are a beginner and intermediate level you shouldn’t miss it!


2- Meet Davey Shafik



This year, they invited Davey Shafik he is best known for his books, the Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide and PHP Master.  He is the reason why some of the PHP Engineers are now working to a well-known company and became Zend Certified Engineer.

with Rasmus LerdorfLast year, it was so great to meet our Dad who give us career and life, Rasmus Lerdorf and able to know him, interact with him and he is a nice guy.







1- It is where the love of PHP continues

I don’t intend to sound cheesy but I tell you this Programming conferences can help you keep that passion for what you do burning. They not only make you feel better about your job they can actually help you do a better job. Sometimes in your life you might feel giving up PHP due to numerous new programming language out there.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 9.31.36 PM

That’s it! and by the way if you love me come and support me at Day 2, I will talking about Laravel and how I recommend it to all beginners and current developers. Check out here



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