Surviving on your 20s

I just read an inspiring blog post this morning – and I find it relatable since I only have 2 years left until I get 30, Ghad I am getting old!  Here are my additional comments on the suggested 10 steps based on my experienced :


1. Develop a reading and writing habit
– Read reliable news and blogs. We should stop reading trashy entertainment news and gossips! I was guilty with this, before I love reading on my early 20’s but then I stopped it doesn’t benefit me at all and doesn’t add value on what I wanted to do and sad thing is  it only influences young people to do nasty things, have fun and do nothing.

– Share by blogging. Share what you have learned you can blogged about it or post it on your social media.

2. Select an area to specialise in

– It took me 7 years to realized what I really wanted to do. Never stop looking for that path, try different things, be involve in different activities, groups and communities and you can find what you really want  to do. Get out on your comfort zone, explore!

3. Establish a good personal brand

– Building personal brand is hard, but you need to be yourself always. Some young people have this identify crisis just to please people and own self. Never copy how successful person dressed, talk and do business,  make them as your inspiration instead.

4. Ask questions
– It is easy to ask your colleagues and bosses about business. For me, I  do that on lunch time during  after-meetings and company dinners.  It makes you understand more about business, their hardships and how to engage people.

– But in IT world, i find it difficult.Women tend to be less knowledgeable in terms of engineering and we are not so confident enough to ask because we think our questions might be sounds so stupid for the guys. I suggest get close with some IT guys, tell them about yourself and as they know you, you have the  confident enough to ask questions you like to know. And not necessarily  you need to ask questions during conference or meetups if you are not comfortable on doing it.

5. Your attitude is everything, do not let it become negative

– I have this so called ‘chip on my shoulder’ attitude before, because I think men thinks I am stupid because I am woman, I came from a country where it is been discriminated due to the majority of people working abroad who are not behaving properly(it’s reality) and I was young. But my adviser always saying to me that I have this terrible negative thinking that I should stop! He always reminded me whenever I started saying negative things and that changed me. I am more confident and more positive.


6. Know what is the most important thing in life
– As a woman we are torn between having a family or career on our 20s. We have still that option whether you like it or not unless men can give birth and we can pass to them that motherly instinct then we can have both!
– As for my opinion, Having an own family can wait but building a career on your early 20s is essential. Why? Because you are still young and high demand for junior positions.  Still energetic, carefree and lots of great ideas, and still have this urge to experience a lot and failure is easy to accept on this age.
– Don’t ask me between travel vs career. You can travel the world when you are working that’s why there is Annual Leave.
– Currently, majority of my friends and family of my age are already married , engaged and have kids. To be honest I got jealous a little but feels happy as well compare to them they think how to fed their children, how to make their wife/husband happy and as for me I only take care of myself! hahaha… but yes I am not saying I am not ready yet but that can wait.


7. Learn to live within our means
– I don’t spend a lot on luxury stuff because If I do it’s because I need it. But I spent a lot on going out – like in  foods, cab fares and  DRINKS!  But hey I am single! I always say that to myself but I should control my spending more though.
– It’s also good to invest on properties and housing. I think half of my salary went to property investment and the rest is on daily spending and my bank. I still don’t have insurance though, which I am thinking to apply one soon.


 8. Avoid quick get rich schemes
– HA HA HA. I have never fell onto this trick! I still believe earning money is not easy. Thank God! I don’t have a low EQ!


9. Choose carefully who you spend your time with
– Yep! I have been with bad people on my early 20s where I went out partying almost every night! Drunk  every weekends and think nothing about my career but always think about that YOLO thing. So been there done that!
– Now that I have learned and I know who are the people I should spend my time with and the best people would be the people you trust and help you grow and who are successful  because they are the one who can gives you advise and has same goal as you.
– Also, not all your family members will always there for you, some will ignore you. So it’s normal don’t hate.


10. Dare to fail, learn from failure

– I failed a lot . I failed a lot of exams but it doesn’t stop me from trying again. Though I cried so badly and  I almost gave-up after seeing the results but I am still hoping that I can pass on my next exam and struggle must go on.

– I also been rejected a lot. It’s painful but I need to live with it.



As for my conclusion:

Never stop trying. It’s okay to be embarrassed, to look stupid and get hurt. Life if like that.
Don’t give up. It’s okay to get failed or be rejected. You will learn from that.
Stop being with negative people. They are contagious and not good for you.
Dance. Exercise. Watch movies. Go Date with the people you are attracted with.
Drink . Eat a both healthy and unhealthy because in your late 30s and above you are only required to eat HEALTHY.
Don’t get pressured. You may see a lot of wedding videos and photos of your friends. Don’t get jealous your time is yet to come.
Try to love someone but love yourself first. This is easy to say but hard to do, you can realize that day that you already love yourself and you are so stupid of loving someone that yourself before.
Don’t just hate people but be inspired with successful people.
Don’t stop communicating with your parents, they are always there for your no matter what.
Real friends are real they are always there for you.
Try Yoga.
Go to different meetups, its good to network with different  people.

Have fun. Life is short but be careful on every decisions you made.






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