My Journey of taking PMP Exam Part 1

Okay. Only few can passed for the first time I understand that but the effort, the time, the money I already gave is too much that when I got the result on that day my world went down and it’s like the end of my world. It took me time to be back.

Now, I have decided to retake and study again every weekend and every night and this time it would be more hard work and discipline. I need to take a lot of practical exam, read the 500 pages book again ang again.

I want to pass this time and I want it!  maybe around September or October.

As for the meantime, I passed the Coursera’s Project Management: The Basics for Success and here is my course certificate – . Now I have accomplished 2 courses in Coursera and now I am taking the Chinese for Beginners course.

I will update you soon on the PHP materials I am studying, the discipline I have, my schedule and my thoughts on how I can pass it!




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