Why I’m into Yoga

This is very surprising to a lot of people.. mainly to those people who are close to me. I’ve been doing a lot of fitness exercise recently when I hit my mid 20s like running,hula hoop, cycling, skating and etc.

Then 9 months ago, I joined yoga. Honestly, Same as the majority of people who thinks yoga is not an exercise, it’s spiritual, mind-body activities and  it’s  for people who has luxurious lifestyle like Kim Kardashian and it’s not a fitness exercise and you would rather say “I’d rather go Zumba”. No offence to those who are doing Zumba but I just don’t feel like it – I can’t catch up that fast and I find it boring than Yoga, isn’t it ironic? Don’t yah think? *singing* I realised then  that I should like Yoga since I don’t have that fundamental athletic skills (though I really wanted to join Mix martial arts), I remembered back in College where my P.E teacher appointed me as the scorer on our Volleyball class so I can’t get 0.

Yoga helps me a lot of things and these are:

1. Being Flexible


Yes, I don’t believe I was not until one of the teacher told me “You are flexible you are just lazy” and that I was inspired I almost give up yoga that time when people told me “it’s not an exercise”. Then months later, some teachers and friends told me my flexibility improved quickly. So then, I am loving it.

2. Loving your body and myself 11085047_933722206680459_277622361_n

After doing a lot of poses, I discovered my body’s potential,  embraces my flaws,  contented of my height, my body frame and colour. I don’t feel insecure and I am confident to wear clothes I like.

3. Fitness  11539205_10204630349261447_3511236198134444558_o Yes, it may not as effective workout as running but due to core poses and the flow it can count as a cardio exercise. But take note, it’s not an alternative or not the same as running.

4. Peace of Mind


This part is really hard to achieve even though you are in the Shavasana but it helps balance your emotion where you understand the importance of your body and how far it can achieve, how your soul and mind connect to your body. When you don’t let your problem absorbs your mind and body then you can achieve peace of mind. But still, it’s so difficult.

5. Strength


I have no idea how strong I was when I punched someone last week and it hurt him very bad! *Sorry* But yes, Yoga increases your strength and also increases muscle endurance, since you typically hold a given pose and repeat it several times during a workout.Simply because yoga poses require positions and orientations that engage our muscles.

So that’s it I hope upon reading this, you have now an understanding of what Yoga is and maybe I might convince you to sign up to a yoga class tomorrow hahaha or maybe start your Yoga session at home via youtube videos (there’s a lot actually!).By the way, I am currently attending my yoga class at Sadhana Sanctuary for 8 months now and so far so good, very convenient to book for a class, there’s a hot room for hot yoga classes, Money wise, it’s worth it they have amazing teachers who are very dedicated and passionate to teach yoga students to do the poses properly.


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