Meeting Demi Lovato

I’m a fan of Demi Lovato since Camp Rock Days. Okay not a fan yet but I like her that time maybe because that time I like rock music and I like her.

Like a regular fan, anything about Demi I want and  mostly bought stuff online like magazine and iTunes (yes!) I don’t want to upset her by downloading illegal music. Here are some of my stuff


She’s kinda inspiration to a lot of women especially to those depressed and lonely teenagers who struggles for those who have physical, emotional and mental issues. But as for me, her music and her advocates helps me to love myself and embrace all of me and staying strong on all the problems you may encounter and most of all her style hahah yah I like edgy stuff.

So, her 2nd concert in Singapore was last April 28, 2015 and was able to meet her because I won the Lip Syncing Contest! Yey! Thanks a lot for those who  like and share my video 🙂

So here’s our only and amazing photo of me and Demi:



gives me Heart Attack! for sure 🙂 Thanks Demi for the opportunity! Can’t wait for your next album 🙂 Love you :*


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