Happy New Year 2015

My 2014 was one hell of a ride! I experienced awesome things like a 20-something should. Experimented lot of things out of curiosity and yes!  I learned a lot from it and never will I regret. Apart from that I also experienced a real quarter life crisis – that is  numerous failures, disappointments and let just say it as ‘pain’ lol.

I met different kind of people since I am currently living in a melting pot and understanding different culture and personalities is a must and being racist is stupid. I learned a lot from them and understand more about human races, contentment in life and definition of happiness. One of the thing I am proud to say that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. People will scold and talk nasty   and it’s now nothing to me.

I went to  different countries here in Southeast Asia, sadly I failed to visit Japan as one of my wish list last year – for an unexplainable reason  I mean Japan is not an easy country to go to – you should be wiling to spend more than your usual backpacking expenses. To start with, January I went to Hong Kong (company sponsored) for the second time to meet my colleagues there. Then on February-March,  I went to Langkawi, Malaysia with a new friend that I only met twice on January, Yah I was also amazed that I trusted my life to him/her (can’t reveal hahaha). Then, June we went back to Philippines and visited Bohol.On July with my friend Denz, we went to  Yangon,Myanmar and lastly on September, we went to Cambodia (blog post soon got lazy). Long story short, from the countries I went my favorite was  the Cambodia Trip (check out my video compilation here). The locals there were nice, a lot of good looking tourists (hihihi), temples it was so amazing how old and strong it were and Phnom Penh’s civil war, made me understand how lucky I am and clearly war is no good at all!

One of my biggest failure was not being accepted in the University (NUS) for  a Masteral course. Anyway, a lot of applicants rejected on a MIT course anyway  but I tried my best on answering that very difficult test (10X harder of that PhilNets Exam we took before we graduated). I got really depressed to be honest like  I lost trust on myself big time. But on a lighter note, I got passed on a Python course I took online (hell! it just online) but I really invested time and effort on that course and I am confident now that I can do Python 😛 and I will study Android next year 😛

And one of  my life-changing event happened this year was (no I didn’t got pregnant lol) I started practicing Yoga. Yes it may sound too cliche but honestly all negativities on my life is now slowly fading. Not only that it also improves my health, back posture, flexibility in which I didn’t know I am good at it hahaha I am not good in any sports but now I find what’s best for me. I also did skating, cycling and went for a five 10km and two 5km marathons this year.



This 2015…

I wish good health  and happiness for my family and friends.

For my career, aim to do more advance and upgrade on my skills.

Fitness – I am happy with my yoga practice now and wanted to do more advance poses and hopefully I can join yoga retreat. I think I will stop joining marathon events as it’s getting more expensive and almost all runners are only after for medals erk.

Myself. Maturity I need it! I have a very low EQ for a woman!  and Challenge. I’ve been away with my parents for almost 5 years already and wanted to challenge myself more.

Wandering Journey – Hopefully Japan but since I’m prioritizing upgrading my skills and Yoga, I may set aside this ;(

and one of my investment back home will be progressing soon and I’m so excited about it!

Hello 2015!


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