An hour ago, I just did an online registration for my friend for this upcoming running event that me and my gang will be joining next month. When I registered  5  of them yesterday it was successful not bugs or whatsoever but just this night, I registered my other friend then clicked the Paid button, redirected to Paypal, then I logged in to my Paypal then hit the Continue link and then redirected back to my website and then received  this unexpected error:Unable to create a file for enqueuing Message  I don’t even know what does it mean? but anyway, I was so dumb not to checked my paypal account and so I clicked the Make Payment button again and same result. I checked my email and I haven’t received any confirmation so I still beleived that time that it was an error so  I paid again and same , still an error! So I emailed them and told them the issue I encountered but then it was so late for me to realised that I have to check also my paypal account and to my surprise… three payment transactions were already COMPLETED! WTF???!! So I emailed them again with capital letters and a lot of exclamation points!

Okay, I am a programmer I should understand them. But I am angry as well what if they wouldn’t refund the extra 2 transactions I made?

I just checked their website again and this running event is just a client of this Software company. I wouldn’t mentioned their company, But I am sure they will also provide the Bib technology and other stuff. and I am also sure that most of these ‘not so expensive’ running events were also developed or maintained by them. So why still I experienced this  “major” issue – why major? It involves payment and they are using 3rd party payment gateway which is supposed to be easy to managed.

Okay, I am not here to say I am so good that I rant this company so badly that I am so perfect!  but no (asshole)! I would like  to emphasise  that, If you are going to hire an IT Company, better not be a cheap stake or else you can received these negative emails and even though the event has not yet started, you already received a bad feedbacks, which is not very very good! I would like to make it clear, that investing in IT  is like investing your money on education rather than investing it on plastic surgery (unless you are a prostitute, entertainer or whatsoever). #JUSTSAYING

Thanks for reading my rant. Adios!




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