Race against Racism 2014

One People SG  once again organised a yet another orange ribbon run 2014. OnePeople.sg is the leading advocate for multi-racialism – the voice and main resource centre on race relations in Singapore. We all know that Singapore composed of a multi race such as Chinese, Malay, Indian and other foreign races. The initiatives under OnePeople.sg aim to create an environment that facilitates deeper interaction and better understanding between individuals and communities, fostering a stronger sense of identity and building a more resilient social fabric.

I am one of those people who hates racism. Basically I am from a group of race which mostly discriminated on the color of our skin, looks, our country’s state, personality and culture. And this run voice out to bring people together in respect and understanding.


Me, Tin, Shanon, Ton and Mon participated the 10km competitive run last August 16, 2014 at Marina Bay Sands, Event Plaza. We wore our orange run tshirt and  honestly it was so very hot! It weakened us all but still we finished the 10km run for like 1 hour and 30 minutes (hey we are not regular runners).

Checkout our video:




 It’s my 4th 10km run this year, First one was the Marina Run 2014, then the NTUC 360 Run 2014 and the third one was the Pocari Sweat Run 2014. We also joined some 5km fun run like the Emancpasia’s Steps in the park – an anti-human trafficking race and to reduce slavery and the most grandest running ever in Singapore – The Sketcher’s Electric Run 2014. We run not only for the sake of camaraderie and enjoyment but mostly we run for support against discrimination, slavery, support the rights of every individual, equality and fight against aids, cancer and etc.




 See you in the next run. Our next run will be on September, it’s the Tampines Run 2014.


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