Langkawi, Malaysia

Last March 2014, I spent an early summer-weekend at Langkawi, Malaysia with a special friend of mine. It’s more of a relaxing Friday-Sunday out from a stressful life at work. I was so very busy that time and taking a break was so essential of my  life and night life is the least I can think that time – I just want to see beach, sands and sun.

Booking an airlines from Singapore to Langkawi is not that cheap! Although Langkawi is in Malaysia but Langkawi is known for their picturesque beaches with seemingly unending stretches of fine white sand and a lot of tourists are coming in. Moreover, I booked Airasia from Singapore to Langkawi and Tiger airways to Singapore.

We stayed in Bayview Hotel, Jalan Pandak Mayah, it’s located in the city area where a lot of Duty Free nearby and can buy red wine for a very affordable price! So on our  1st Day, we just stayed at the hotel, stroll around the city, eat and lots of wine!

So on Day 2, we went to the famous Pantai Cenang, where we stay relax, enjoy the tranquility and it has also numerous of restaurants and bars and most of all I really enjoy the sunset here…it was so amazing.

Here comes the Day 1 photos:




Again, sorry for posting a lot of photos of me on this vacation… maybe I felt so overwhelmed and the only thing I remembered was to take a selfie or ask my friend to take photos of me 😀




IMG_0934it’s almost sunset… now waiting



Ahhh… I can still fell how beautiful it is!!!

Next Day 3 or the last Day 😦

We went to a one of Langkawi’s best shorelines, crystal clear and very clean  beach and its so peaceful  like no one is there!  It’s such an ideal place to relax with. The secluded beach is called Tanjung Rhu Beach  – it’s in nothern part of Langkawi Island. Lying on the sand under the heat of the sun, there was not a lot of shades there  but it’s breezy so it’s still okay.

Here’s how Tanjung Rhu looks like… and forgive me as these photos are all me me me ;(


As you arrived in the beach, you can already see a very sceneric. It’s a wide and long stretch of white soft fine sands and it’s very sunny.


The water at the beach is great for swimming because it is shallow especially with friends and family. They also offer some snorkelling and island hopping activities there.. but I went there to relax so I did stick to my plan.


“Posing like a model” = “FAILED”


Again… ready


1.. 2… go!










For Transportation, we usually took a cab as you can negotiate the price. For the directions for the destinations I went to from our hotel to these two beaches check out my Travel Itinerary Map here

and watch mu short video here:

Langkawi, Malaysia 2014 from April on Vimeo.


Hope you enjoy my post as much as I enjoyed Langkawi. See you on my next post 🙂


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