Bali, Indonesia

This is one of the best trip I ever had! Bali, Indonesia! That’s right! I think you heard about this place a lot and almost all people  having this on their bucket list,So let me share to you our 3 days experienced last December 2013 in the Island of Peace and Love – BALI

We stayed in a 4 star hotel called Harris Bukit Jimbaran Bali Hotel. I recommend this hotel if you are with your family, if you want a gym, quite and safe place. The room is also spacious, cozy, good breakfast, hospitable and helpful staff, easy to connect with the wifi and there’s a veranda so I liked it! The thing I don’t like here was the swimming pool, it was designed for kids so we never swim in their pool but we enjoyed using the gym.

 At our hotel’s veranda, so peaceful and relaxing there it might be far from the beach but the accommodation is good.

On our First Day, we bought the  day tour package and it was exclusively for the three of us only!Talking about spacious seats inside the car! Also we have the freedom to decide the time and  place (just around Denpasar and limit to some specific places only). The driver was also so polite and he lectured us each places and he was even  our photographer that day! He  was also so nice, helpful and above all, patient to us!

So on our trip, First we went to this Bajra Sandhi Monument – it  is a monument to admire Balinese people struggle from time to time. It’s actually an admiring Balinese architecture  if you can see on my photos:

DSC_0024me and my brother.  Inside, basically in the first floor is the exhibit room about the history of Bali and they show it via  mini figurines according to time and events.


At the top of the monument where you can see the panorama of the Denpasar and before I got here, I passed a long swirly stairs where it’s really quite and peaceful while enjoying the view.

Then next stop, at Tanah Lot – it’s a prilgrimage temple made up of rock formation. It’s not free so you have to pay to go inside, and before reaching this place you have to pass by some souvenir shops and restaurants!


You can see the temple at the back, it was high tide that time so we can’t cross to the temple.


and so we took pictures 😀

Then third stop … The  famous beach in Bali – Kuta Beach Club. It was so very traffic there and we lost lot of time in going there.


This resort is full of tourist and most of them are into surfing, it’s not a best place for swimming – mainly for surfing only so we head back (since we don’t know how to surf yet) 😦

We also passed by Jimbaran Beach- it’s more like Kuta Beach club but less people so we left again.

Then last stop, Rock Bar! yeah! Time to get some drink after a tiring day!


Rock Bar Bali is located inside this very prestigious Ayana Resort and Spa Hotel where America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 was held. The location of the bar is so innovative and it was voted Bali’s Best Sunset Venue.

Then we headed back home and time for a beach day on the next day Yey!

So, after we discovered that renting a car(with a driver) would be so much expensive so we decided to rent a motorbike instead – I mean 2 motorbikes, Mon and Ton can drive so problem solved! Yey again!

Then our first destination was Nusa Dua Beach. It’s located at eastern side of the Bukit Peninsula at the southern tip of Bali from Jimbaran we traveled  around 30 minutes in our motorbikes.



The beach might less prestigious than Kuta Beach but the view is so fascinating, clear water, peaceful and the sun- it’s perfect for relaxing.



Though Nusa Dua is a good beach, but we didn’t like to swim there, so we looked for this so called Dreamland beach or also known as  the New Kuta Beach. We spent an hour looking for that place to be honest, like not even locals knew the place so we leave our trust to our Google Maps… and luckily we found it – SUPER LOVE GOOGLE MAPS!

Here’s the paradise! Indeed so beautiful,  soft white sand, clear blue sky and  waters, and the  fascinating sounds of waves hitting the shores. Indeed you’re like in a dream but it’s real! I love Bali!

Check out our photos:



A lot of tourist also went there also for swiming and a lot of surfers as well.


DSC_0400Have to rent  the Beach bed for more relaxing beach day.


We were playing with the huge waves with my brother.






Then around 6pm, we went back home and went for a street night party near Kuta Beach 🙂

Bali is awesome! I will definitely go back there if I have a chance. I recommend the southern Bali if you love surfing , diving and water sports. But if you are a type of person influenced by the Eat Pray love novel, I recommend you stay there for more than 5 days and visit the temples at the Northern part.

But Before I end this post, Check out our video:

Bali, Indonesia 2013 from April on Vimeo.

We will be coming back to Bali and we will be heading north to see the Rice terraces and maybe go diving.


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