The Beauty of Bohol

Last June 2014, Me, Jasi, Ton, Harvey and Monique went for yet another adventure in one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Philippines which is they called as “God’s Little Paradise” Bohol. It’s really marvellous place – the beach, the scenery , the people, the culture and the accommodation.

Here’s the video compilation on our Bohol trip enjoy! 😉

Wanderlust: Bohol, Philippines 2014 from April on Vimeo.

and our pictures:


At Virgin Island- It’s one of the island we’ve been on our Island hopping adventure and it’s one of the most beautiful island I’ve ever been and it’s so relaxing and you can eat and drink in the middle of the beach! How awesome is that!


with the two sexy ladies – Jasi and Monique


at Panglao Island – Such a beautiful scenery and I can’t resist to take some emo selfie there! HA!





Chocolate Hills – it’s a  breath-taking view where you can see  hundreds of hills up there. The view can cure all the stress you are carrying  🙂


with the Gang


At Man-made Forest – I want to live there! Like everywhere is fresh air! reminds me of Twilight scene where   that  shimmering vampire guy confesses to Bella that he’s a vampire etchetera.


If you can spot Jasi on this picture hehehe



At Balicasag Island Sanctuary – we did snorkelling  where we have seen amazing corals like you never seen before. They are greatly preserved and  cared by the locals there.



I hope you like my photos and for more visit my Tripoto page about this trip –


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