Myanmar formerly known as Burma, the Golden Country and the Land of Golden Pagodas.

I went to Yangon – the largest city in Myanmar for a weekend holiday and meet my friend Dennis last July 2014 as he stayed there for 14 days. Perhaps you could say that it was a  bad timing on having a trip on a monsoon season,  But yes! I traveled Yangon where it was  always raining! and luckily on a Saturday – July 12 2014 it was not so rainy.

I arrived there around 8 pm and almost all people there are already sleeping. We stayed in a very cheap hotel which is worth the price and it’s located around the city and it’s near to a popular bar  called The 50th street bar.

So here are the photos I took that I could share to you all:

IMG_1608At downtown area.


The view outside our hotel. Almost all buildings are so old maybe due to the civil war.

IMG_1580Inside the Bogyoke Aung San Market where you can buy Burmese souvenirs ,painting, fabrics and wood carvings.


Chillin inside Shangri-La Yangon Hotel drinking our coffee and enjoying the wifi while raining.


From Shangri-La Hotel, you can walked down to the Sule Pagoda, located at the center of the city.It’s a  46 meter high octagonal-shaped gold pagoda .

IMG_1628Panorama view of inside Sule Pagoda.



Then next stop, then my most favorite- Shwedagon Pagoda


Before you can go inside the pagoda you need to walk upstairs without any shoes on.


Inside the Golden Pagoda. It is the most sacred Buddhist pagoda for the Burmese and it is the oldest historical pagoda in Burma and the world.


Fun Fact: Shwedagon is the only temple in the world which holds four Buddhist relics of such high value.



It is believed that if you make a wish and hit the bell three times it will come true. So hopefully that wish of mine will come true!


The Shwedagon temple complex is one of the largest architectural ensembles not only in Myanmar, but in all of Southeast Asia. You can always see the golden cone of the central stupa dozens of kilometers away from Yangon, both from sea and land. (source:airpano.com)


With Dennies.


Panorma of Shwedagon Pagoda after sunset.


The Giant Buddha statue (ignore the Epson banner)


At  The Singu Min Bell which is also known as the Maha Gandha Bell. One of the heaviest bell in the world.

Shwedagon Pagoda at night and  be amaze…


Then at night we party at Brave Bar, it’s quite far and you meet few of the richest kids Myanmar.


Then after that we spent our last drink at 50th Street Bar near our hotel and tried their local beer.

Tips: They are not using meters here, so settle on the price before you get in.

I hope I gave you an idea what install for you when you come to Yangon, Myanmar and for more I compiled all the videos I took on my phone. By the way, all the photos I uploaded here on my post were all taken by my Iphone 5. Cool right? 🙂

Yangon, Myanmar 2014 from April on Vimeo.


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  1. Beautiful photos! I’m planning to travel to Burma this year and your photos and report make me really anxious. 🙂


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