Hong Kong 2014

Thanks for my awesome company for sponsoring my 1 week trip to Hong Kong and it’s my second time  in Hong Kong and this time it’s WINTER! It’s my First time to experienced winter (although without snow but I think it’s better). It was my first time flying via Flyscoot too and I say the service there is superb! although the seats are still the same with the other budget airlines out there (small and very close ). Although it’s my countless times flying alone and I don’t have any issues on who are my seat mates are just I don’t like those smelly people (for crying out loud! it’s 3 hours + ). To begin with, I really didn’t expect how cold it can be, I mean Singapore to Hong Kong, is not that far so I assumed the weather will be not so very different… but then again… I so trusted myself that much that I was so very wrong! In fact I only bring a “not-for-winter” jacket and it was  so freaking cold.

So, In travelling to the  city area, I took the  train express (just like other rich tourist lol ) which cost 100 HKD. @.@


At  Time Square, Causeway Bay



By the way, I didnt bring my bulky camera with me so all of these photos are taken using Iphone 5 (too cool for school)


the monorail…


And in central




and beers are quite cheaper compare to Singapore… and met Maggie in the afternoon…

hey, meet Maggie 🙂



then went to the other side of the Island



so freaking cold up there so I’m wearing Maggie’s coat… freeezing… then went to Avenue of Stars (again lol) IMG_5275


Jet Li.. Okay.. now next… Then we went to a pub near Tsim Sha Tsui called The Hair of the Dog II (yes pretty weird)



with our favourite Hoegaarden 🙂 and got some of HK’s street food – it was sooooo gooood! delicious!


then we went to Mong Kok to buy my sweater


Mong Kok is always mad crowded!!!

Then at Tuesday night, we went  銅鑼灣廣場德興火鍋 (www.tackhsin.com.hk)  for a hot pot dinner!




Thanks a lot to Leo (Maggie’s friend) for paying my dinner 🙂

and on Thursday night we had dinner at the popular “Baby Cafe” owned by a famous Hong Kong actress/singer Angela Baby


Beside Angela Baby


meme face… use it now!


ordered this set A


Even the menu book is her face on it… hey it’s her cafe!

By the way, the baby cafe branch we went to is located at Mong Kok and in a kind of not-so luxurious mall there where they sell cute stuff – when I say cute I am referring to those Korean/Japanese clothing.


Pink Pony! Year of the Horse!

and on my last day (Saturday), we went to Xi An Mandarin Restaurant. I love it also!


Then on a saturday night where else? at Lan Kwai Fong!


with my super buddy Maggie 🙂

I love Hong Kong! My colleagues, the foods, the night life and the culture! 🙂


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