Boracay, Philippines

It’s been a long time since I posted my travel escapades but honestly, this post was been on my Draft for 8 months already and the photos were already ready but the text were yet null . But I hope you will like it even though  old but still a travel post 🙂

I guess these photos will tell all how fun and spectacular Boracay is.  For me, it’s the best beach I’ve been so far (yes! compared to Phuket) and even more better coz I am with my family!!! It’s our Christmas present to them and yes they were all happy and our best Christmas ever (*singing Best Song Ever … ooohh yeyeah yeah yeah *)!







Lots of photos with us in a unfinished sand castle. It’s not really a sand castle by the way but it supposed to be a castle and local kids are making money out of it illegally so when the police caught them then they destroyed it and run! awesome people still working hard in spite of the corrupt government and leaving the citizen hungry and homeless (fuck Philippine politics! )


Me and BF.<3  Luckily on our 5 Days stay in Boracay were all Sunny!  Talking about  applying sunblock everyday!!! yes I bought 3 kinds of sunblocks and after 5 days, it’s all empty!


My Mama bought me this  maxi dress. I thought it’s not really my style but hey! I looked like my age here :))


Notice my ombre hair? it’s DIY by the way 🙂


So shameful to post this but yes I am fat! the best way to positively describe it is “curvy” and I love it! I am healthy and no issue 🙂


It’s like a prenuptial shoot but not! , My brother played as our photographer and we were just got bored on our 4th Day and we strolled from Station 3 to Station 1! Yes when boredom strikes you never knew how this boredom can lead to.


Wearing my favourite Top that I bought in Bangkok with my ombre hair!! Can I love myself with this?


After 4 days, the red color hair turned into a carrot hair. half ginger and half asian ei?


hahaha it makes me sing “It’s a Beautiful Day” by Michael Buble


For more Drama… next


with mon again 😐


Yey! driving an ATV! I want to own a motor bike but still can’t! Wait until I return home for good!


Our 3rd day. We were capturing an undersea videos here, t’was so funny but needs to be private y’all 🙂


1st night at the beach. You know how it goes right? When sun is up – Caucausian or white people are in the beach while when sun is down – asian’s turn to play.


2nd day and it’s water sports time!  We went for a helmet diving. So far so good! We love it!




3rd Day – Island Hopping. It’s not literally Island Hopping it’s just  strolling around the sea and check out Pacquiao’s  mansion then  snorkelling without seeing any sea creatures! but my family , Mon’s family and us were having fun jumping from the boat to the deep sea wearing and vest!






and hanging on the boat’s wings  while the boat was slowly moving forward.



While walking, our brother captured this photo, it’s like a paparazzi caught us holding us! hahaha

Then my favourite! Parasailing. Okay I lied, I love it but worst experience ever!  You know I vomited while we’re on top! I donated my food to the sea! hahaha Yah! That’s what happened! Okay , First I was not feeling well when we’re still on our way to the part where parasailing to be executed(whatever the term is!) why? Cause I dried mango plus energy drink! I know right!? stupid me, why I didn’t think of that? So Long story short, It was an amazing feeling as well as terrible on my digestive system! but wait, The photo’s cannot tell this story 🙂

740614_10151317983607579_1471542818_o  738234_10151317973852579_1865334912_o 737456_10151317962907579_1445856871_o  737766_10151317972322579_894482145_o



737899_10151317982077579_955740864_o     736756_10151317981657579_1885270958_o   735665_10151317981327579_1775057252_o      735491_10151317976882579_43184561_o

Right? It looks so sweet and fun

Then on our last day, We ride on a banana boat, where we bid on the price, and it only cost us 250 PHP! hahaha! Love it!

385237_10151317937967579_1299419942_n  301708_10151317938732579_1681204674_n



and that’s it! I hope on this post I already  visually taken you to Boracay! and Please come to Boracay this Christmas, you will never regret it I promise 🙂

Oh wait! This post will not be finish until I posted our video compilation when Nicki Minaj’s Starship as our background music:

Boracay Trip with Family from April on Vimeo.

Enjoy! 🙂



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