Legoland Malaysia

That’s right! Me and my bf  went to Legoland Malaysia last month and it was good lots of lego and some kid’s stuff which is not for me really. But if you are a parent and has 4-12 years child (and not mind paying 80+ each in which for me its a bit over pricing), I highly recommend to spend your family day there and set  the right date means the wheather must be sunny or cloudy whole day.

Watch our video for preview:


The date we’ve been there is a total disaster! it was raining the whole afternoon (nerve wrecking!) and guess  what? all outdoor rides were closed and unfortunately most of the “considered fun”  rides were all closed! and so what we did?  we used our umbrella and strolled around forcing ourselves to love the miniatures made in lego over and over again. Aside from that, their staff were NOT PLEASANT at all! they were so relaxed and has this “angry face” everytime we see them.  Regarding this matter, I already submitted my feedback to their automated feedback machine and this post is for the benefit of everyone wanting to go there.

For the address, entrance fee and other essential matter visit legoland’s website –

So here are the photos we took in Legoland Malaysia, Yey!


We first had our dinner at a Thai Restaurant outside the theme park. I wanted to have our lunch at KFC but unfortunately we forgot the most important thing to do in overseas… we forgot to exchange  Malaysian money! we’re such a dumb people I know! So we end up in a Thai Restaurant cos they accept credit card and yes we didn’t spent anything inside the theme park except the lego car my boyfriend bought and some legoland Malaysia magnet souvenirs.


I wish we had a kid on us so we can enjoy too as other parents did lol.

Familiar? See – Universal Studio Singapore

I love this photo!

Mini Singapore

Mini Petronas Tower made in lego


Mini China

Einstein’s huge face

This is the third castle I’ve been to, Disneyland HK, USS

Remember Kids! Please Help to keep their park clean! 🙂

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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