The Maritime Experiential Museum

Last weekend, me bf and sis decided for a Trip to Sentosa day last Saturday and  one of the attraction we decided to go and we didn’t visited yet was The Maritime Experiential Museum – which is new and much cheaper compare to Universal Studio Singapore and it’s worth it cos I have the best people with me :).

The Maritime Experiential Museum is an Asia’s rich maritime history. The Maritime Experiential Museum, an interactive, multi-sensorial museum for the whole family [more info].

me and bf outside the museum. behind us  is the  sentosa version of the The Venetian


Flaunting our tickets. We paid  $11 each, to break it down-  museum  entrance is $5 and theater experience more like a 4D but not 3D is $6.

Inside the meseum where you can see a giant old ship wiith a dragon head on it.

Chinese historical characters and us reenacting.

And here are some of the rare objects  in the museum with us posing on it hihihi…

On board Vietnam and it’s a self-stamping of own passport.

Luring precious gems, girls love it!

For kids section and unfortunately my sister also blended in with the kids and built a mini prototype ship made of  paper.

At the market shooting our studio album cover nyaaay!

husband and wife working  hard with our vending cart or  trading cart

carrying an old “bucket on the shoulder” contains all the plates and saucers

Studio Album cover part 2

Okay this one maybe creepy but this legendary guy who is a british pirate has the most interesting story than the other characters that are being displayed here, with that I love to know more about historical Pirates!

Market girls are the new “it”

Reality Check: Think how many animals were being killed? Most of the time, Animal’s fur or skin which are sold being sold don’t come from animals who have died naturally.  People killed them. This is so sad 😦 please don’t buy it to reduce the killing of animals.

Pirates of the East

Musical instruments that they used before.I really love how the decorate it, so pleasant in the eye.

Playing time or shall I say one of the  high tech educational interactive game for all ages.This game let you create pots or vases, paint then design it.After that, the bidding will start and there they will display your work on the homescreen tagged with a price. This vase was made by mon and it was the 2nd higgest so far at that time.

That’s it for now, to summarise our tour there, It’s awesome and you should consider paying for the theater in which I think 70% of the  fun is in there and yeah if you love exploring Asian Histories specifically the Maritime it’s absolutely educational but if you are looking for fun and attraction, I guess this place is not the best for you and your friends and family but if I have kids and  I would take my kids there and to actually learn more about history and in fact kids will enjoy too since they have a lot of stuff there to play with educationally.

Thanks for touring with me,see you again! 🙂


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