LG Optimus 4X – Media Plex

Hi All techie girls and boys out there!

Did you just heard the news today? Yah I know the Jury just decided that Samsung should pay more then $1 billion! whoaw!  If Samsung really copied Apple’s patent in creation of it’s own mobile products so I guess these two mobile  works almost the same right?  However, the Good News is LG Optimus 4X didn’t copy from any of them and it’s much more awesome and bigger! Because of it’s super high specification and feature like Quick Memo and now I will be introducing to you the feature that most techie people out there are talking about it’s the LG Optimus 4X – Media Plex for an advance multimedia experience.

See? You just witness how smart LG is! You can zoom into videos, slow or fast them down, or quickly browse through your library with LG’s enhanced video player.

And on the last scene you just saw that I used the Time Catch Shot which allows user to select and save the best shot among the images taken just before the shutter button is pressed. This is now how I take my photos for my sponsored post, it’s like someone shot it for me were in fact I do everything on my own. Also I will be using this when someone blows a candle or shoot a ball in the basketball or anything that has fast moving scenario so I could really have the best photo on that occasion.

As usual Great stuff from LG Optimus 4X that cannot be found any of the smartphones on the market.

If you like LG Optimus 4X, Be sure to Like their Facebook Book – https://www.facebook.com/LGMobileSingapore and join LG Quick Memo 2 Singapore facebook contest and you can win  1 Optimus 4X HD smartphone Woohoo! Join now!

Be sure to follow me on instagram (araphoenix) cos I am constantly posting all my photos using LG Optimus 4X  and my experiences on using it 🙂 Thanks a million  for following! 🙂




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