LG Optimus 4X – Quick Memo

Ever imagine a phone where you can take note or write something on every photos, text,map and etc. So what are you currently doing ? Open Notes app then typed the description! what a time consuming!

LG Life is Good take of your worries and create this phenomena feature that would make your life easier and fun!

I just introduced to you LG Optimus 4X HD on my last post and now, one of their major feature is the Quick Memo.

From maps to online shopping, this is how we do it when we are reading shopping catalog right? we encircle what we love and go back for it later.

Here’s the sample photos that I uploaded on my instagram(@aralovelace)

Tired of Typing description? and you want your comment to be higlighted – this is the best!


Wanted to encircle the area or the object that you are referring to and after that you can send it to your friends or upload it on twitter/instagram

If you wanted to make something fun and you’re imagination is so extraordinary?

Reading news and wanted to comment how terrible or good it is – it’s way more fun and noticeable.

Feeling so hungry and wanted to tell the whole world how hungry you are and how empty your frige is

Emphasize your fun.

If you feel inspired on the photo you took just go for what you like to add 🙂

In Quick Memo everything is possible 🙂

and here’s my final shot:

Quick Memo function is easy and fun to use especially  on doodling my captured photos.

Usability wise,totally useful when you wanted to make a quick note and makes life faster when sending or uploading photos like I will just encirlcle the text or the object I coveted to highlight rather than typing a long description to it.

The interface? Not bad at all better than better than it’s more innovated and original.The image saves hasty and can be shared directly to my twitter, facebook and instagram efficiently.The shades/colors are fine both bright and dark colors can be selected.


Like LG Optimus 4X now? C’mon renew your mobile connection contract, either at Starhub, Singtel or M1 and choose LG Optimus 4X HD for a quick and easier life!



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