Pulau Ubin, Singapore

Boyfie and I went to Pulau Ubin (It’s still in Singapore) last last week July 22, 2012 for our another weekend getaway. We bought the whole day adventure package at deal.com.sg   that includes whole day bicycle rental, 2 hours fish spa and 2 hours kayaking at Celestial Buin Beach Resort for $13 each!

As usual, I’m gonna spam my selected photos of our trip so bear with me 🙂 . By they way just a copy paste information:

Located off the North Eastern end of Singapore, it has an area of 1020 hectares, in a rough sharp of a boomberang. Its core geological make up is  granite over five smaller islands,  interspersed by low lying mangroves and the tidal rivers. The tidal rivers were bunded for prawn breediing thereby connected all those smaller islands into a single  island known as Pulau Ubin. (http://www.pulauubin.com.sg/)

So le’t go! and welcome to Pulau Ubin Singapore!


How to get there?

Just go to Changi Point Ferry Terminal and take a bumboat going to Pulau Ubin. Changi Point Ferry Terminal is not as confusing as any terminal out there since there are only 2 destinations – 1 is the Pulau Ubin and the other one is the Penggerang, Johor.

The  fare in going to Pulau Ubin only costs $2.50 per head maximum of 12 persons on each bumboat.


As you enter the Island you can already see a lot of bicycle rental shops. If you are planning to go for a biking, be sure to know what is the best bike to rent. The road there is not flat or even and I also suggest to rent helmet and other safety gears -> For your own sake, love your life 🙂


and just a little walk we then arrived at Celestial Buin Beach Resort.

Our  1st activity was ofcourse cycling! My face looked so excited!


and there we were happily biking without disruptions in a cool breezy and sort like a wild forest! hahaha okay just a normal park which you can see wild pig and giant lizard or whatever it is! Advise: Just stay on the main road cos we tried going in a very thin road it’s like not so safe there and we were soooo afraid like no one is there except us and you can whistling or birds chirping and leaves falling and  it’s sooo creepy. Anyway I never regret it cos I enjoyed it hahahaha




The Map sorry no high res, you can google it though.


This is what I am talking about we were in a thin road walking cos the road is an upward slope.


Then we found this very clear and green lake! So lovely! This is the real Lake of Dreams :))

Then after 2.5 hours we decided to take a break and went for a Fish Spa



It tickles…I feel pampered so far so good just make sure you don’t have wound or cut you may get infected with various diseases as they said, so better be careful.

Then ate our early dinner cos it’s already 4:30pm and I guess it is not considered as late lunch I guess…

Then we headed to Kayaking for 1 hour.


It’s fun! it’s our first time to try kayaking and it developed our team work and ability to paddle lol and we discovered that we managed team work so we’re really meant to be! hahaha


My boyfie Mon saying Hello and Goodbye standing beside the Pulau Ubin map



To end this post, I really recommend Pulau Ubin if you are looking for bicycling adventure. If you are planning to go there to relax? for me it’s not the best place even though it’s part of Singapore but the place is not so tidy and the smell is not so pleasant, and also the Kayaking, if you are looking for something cheap so go for it otherwise just don’t go, you will understand why when you get there 🙂

Celestial Buin Beach Resort is also okay – the foods and fish spa is quiet acceptable but if you are looking for a good bicycle better rent those on the outside rental so you can choose the best especially in the upward and downward slope roads.

Will I go back? I consider going back there for biking and I’ll  rent an helmet for safety measure, I read some awful news about Pulau Ubin Biking accidents and made me paranoid hihihi…

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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