Phuket Thailand Getaway

Last week June 21 -22 2012 We wen to Phuket Thailand with my boyfriend and college schoolmates, same gang I am with in our last trip in Hong Kong and Macau they are my travel friends! 🙂

We flew there via airasia airlines for the roundtrip including our Phuket-Bangkok flight. Then we stayed at a budget hotel which is so near Patong Beach Resort and we avail the Phi-Phi Island Tour Package via a speed boat, then  went to Bangla Road for a booze night , ate Thai foods and Thai street foods (omg! I love their Tom Yum!) and then at the 3rd day early in the morning we flew to Bangkok for our next adventure.

For enquiries like instructions, or the hotel we stayed in please free to email me here. Don’t worry when you get to Phuket there are lots of travel agencies to choose with for your tour and the transportation? not a problem! they will fetch you from your hotel  just be sure to wake up on time and as a budget traveler, spend wisely  🙂

Without more further ado here are the few selected photos we have, Beware: You will surely be in love to Phuket Thailand.












I love Phuket!  I wanna go back there again soon!!!  For more of my travel updates and my photo that I took from my phone pls follow me on my instagram it’s araphoenix

and here is the video compliation of our awesome trip in Thailand (Phuket and Bangkok) so enjoy! 🙂



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