Eden Nature Park

Last last week, Me and my family went to Eden Nature Park, Davao City to celebrate Mother’s Day!

So where is Eden Nature Park?

Eden Nature Park is located at Mt. Talomo Davao City Philippines. Where you will breath fresh air and cold weather.

What is something special at Eden Nature Park?

Eden Nature Park is a mountain resort,3,000 feet above sea level and 95% of it is man-made! Awesome right? It really proves that we can do something on our mother earth and bring back the lost nature with ,a clean and green environment.

So now I will take you to our Eden Experience:


Be full at Vista Restaurant where they serve fresh filipino specifically Davao Cuisine.

Me and Mon at Amphitheatre and behind us is a rainbow. Yah! I looked so fat but I think its because of my top (defensive troll lol)

And now prepare to be  amaze with the wonderful Gardens of Eden

Campsite – Ideal for camping and any outdoor activities like Team building, reunion and family outing.

Tinuban – is a  cultural journey into the heartland of Indigenous Wisdom. In here you can see some dimensions of Lumad existence.

95% man-made forest and look so natural! According to them when the owners first stepped foot in this area, it was nothing but a logged-over area covered mostly by wild grass.

And made a wish at Lola’s Garden….

Colorful Gumamelas floating in the wishing well.

If you like to tour Eden Nature Park conveniently, you can ask for a 45-minute shuttle-ride takes one on a wondrous tour of the park with your family and friends.

There are lots of colorful peacock strolling around the park even at food court!

And now the last but the most exciting part of the trip, ZIPLINE or they called it Skyrider.

Here i Goooo!!!

Survived! Wheew!

and then after skyride we played the Indiana Jones-Okay I admit this is more fun than skyride and the fact that this is Free (included in the Entrance) and the Skyride cost 150 PHP (not bad right?).

Okay, You come to the end of our Eden Nature Park trip. Okay you are now asking “Do you recommend Eden Nature Park?”

– Yes! for family outing. If you want to feel relax and breathe fresh air. If you prefer outing in a cool whether without getting any sunburn (I refer going to the beach) and more safer than going to cheap mountain park that is very very far.

– For Adventure, I dont think so. If you want to experience a full blast zipline and other adveture and stuff, I recommend Dahilayan Adventure Park – same environment, the difference is that  I think its more spacious and big there compare to Eden and more expensive.

– For Team Building and camping YES YES YES! The campsite is great!

– Food? Delicious especially the local cuisine.

Others? For Wedding Reception Yes, I find it Romantic, solemn and peaceful out of the city especially if you prefer garden wedding. If you want to see pictures, You can view it to my friend’s portfolio (he’s a photographer by the way) – Eden Garden Nature Park Wedding | Frank + Roxanne

How Much? It cost us  PHP200 each + PHP160 for 45 minutes shuttle tour. You can stroll around the park except for the swimming pool, the fishing area and other area that needs entrance fee for leisure. Snacks is also included.

Love it? Visit Davao City Philippines Now!. If you prefer beach resort read my Pearl Farm Resort and list of Beach Resort at Samal, Davao City or at Davao Crocodile Park – if   you want to see different Crocodiles and other wild animals roar!

It’s more fun in the Philippines!



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