Toshiba Portege R830 Notebook PC

Hi there! I am so active on blogging these upcoming weeks maybe its because I already received my Toshiba Tablet! Yey! I will blog about it soon. For now I will review about Toshiba Portege R830 Notebook PC – the laptop I used when I was Cleo’s next top blogger finalist guest editor.


Weighing only 1.12 kg with a full performance 2nd Generation Intel® Core processor with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology, enabling each processor core to work on two tasks at once.

It has the built-in features that a blogger basically need to make blogger life easier and faster:


USB 3.0 – faster transfer speed. HDMI – for full 1080p HD video and sound. Forget going to movie houses, stay at home and save. Then , SATA – for external hard drives and Intel Wireless Display


Yes even if it is slim, it has A Built-In DVD Drive. I mean why consider a thin laptop but has no dvd drive? how can you conveniently reformat your pc or install software? Right? It’s a DVD Writer too! The LAN cable port(seriously some netbooks don’t have this!), Voice and Sound, SD card reader(which my not anymore popular macbook white don’t have) , ofcourse Wireless Connection, Bluetooth, and Webcam.


Other MAJOR Features:

  • Power-Efficient, Feature-Rich Mobility
  • A Unique AirFlow Cooling System
  • It has Finger Print Sensor – for greater security of your files.
  • For the monitor, I still consider macbook which has higher definition in terms of colors and visual friendly but still it’s okay not a big stuff to worry about unless it’s some kinda CRT level lol. Screen resolution is 1366 x 768, still can do photoshop and video editing stuff.

Check out the Finger Print Sensor, just like a boss 🙂

My Experience

I brought this laptop on my vacation on the 1st week of January and it so portable
I carried it without the feeling how heavy it is. I did photo editing, blogging and
did email replies while I am away. It also has a long lasting battery and I only
charged it for twice in a week!

DSC_0005Appearance: very slim , light and portable. Even if it’s so thin it has the complete ports/drivers that a blogger needs, USB, SD Card reader, DVD Drive and etc. It has a metal cover, the keyboard is also great.

DSC_0370-e1331043259711Performance: very fast even if I opened multiple application still it loads fast like blogging, I opened Photoshop, MS Doc, Google Chrome with 5 tabs, Skype and folders and no logging occurs. The camera quality is also good.


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