Pearl Farm Resort with Family

Last January 2012, me and boyfriend went to our hometown Davao, Philippines for a vacation and part of our itinerary is to go the famous tourist spot in Davao City The Pearl Farm Resort for a day tour only. Actually, it’s my second time to visit there  – Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Pearl Farm Buffet

We arrived at Pearl Farm Port at 8am and the speed boat  left at exactly 8:30 AM.

As We arrived, we were greeted by the very pleasant staff and they gave us each a fresh pineapple juice.

my brother and the Pearl Farm Samal Houses.

And ofcourse me, who slept for 2 hours only and  sobered lol. behind me was the infinity pool.

Mama and Papa relaxing 🙂

me and my brother at the infinity pool with a view that stretches out to the sea.

with Mama and Papa

At the beach, see how clean it is!

Us at the beach and we caught some very lovely starfishes!

and more starfishes!

If you want to relax while watching a very wonderful scene at the beach, you can rest  here.

My parents and my brother were playing with the star fishes in the white sand.

brother Vincent and Papa were so ready for lunch!

me and the amazing infinity pool

Buffet Lunch 🙂

Relaxing time at the afternoon. zzzzzzzzzz

For more Samal Philippines Resort read more here




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