Harris Batam Resort

Me and my boyfriend was so lucky to avail the  Harris Batam Resort 2 days trip plus free body massage worth $300 at deal.com.sg. Okay I don’t wanna talk about the price in public but you can pm me in case you are interested.


Last July 29-30, we went to Indonesia for the 1st time! We stayed at Harris Batam Resort via Ferry.


When we arrived, they welcomed us a with a wet towel, drinks, biscuits and a map for a easy convenient to us tourists. When we checked-in, we are asked the deal.com.sg E-voucher, unfortunately we don’t have a hard copy of it (sorry, we just don’t know it was needed, 😛 ) but they already expected and we were gladly accompanied by the staff to the computer and also printed out e-voucher. Our check in time is around 12nn and since it’s 1 hour late to Singapore Time, we have to wait 1 hour and we thought we might as well eat because we’re so damn hungry! And yey, they do have a cafeteria.

We’ve been wanting to eat something Italian so we ordered these:


Carbonara for me


Fish Pasta for Mon

and we ordered Avocado shake, it’s the best and yummiest avocado shake I ever tried!


with chocolate cream

Then when the clock hits 12nn, we immediately went to our room with full of excitement and can’t wait to sleep! I just wanted to relax and the resort is so good for leisure and bonding.


The comfty bed and me


DSC_0298the swimming pool. view from the 5th floor


After sleeping for 3 hours and the sun already comes down and it’s time for a tour!





At 5pm we decided to use our 1 free leisure game coupon and went to the next building.

All the leisure stuffs are here! We chose to Bowling, it’s April vs Mon!



check my shoes, hahah we rented a sports shoes coz we didn’t manage to bring rubber shoes (like I care to bring it!) and bought a pair of socks.

DSC_0398look at our scores, and its obvious who won 😉

Then at 6pm we went to the spa since we’ve been booked at 6pm. It’s the best body massage ever! I like the woman who massaged me, she’s pretty nice 🙂


After that, we went back to our room and ate a instant noodles, watched TV and slept early.

When morning came. Yey! it’s swimming time! The pool quite clean and what’s more relaxing was that we were the only people in the pool, it’s like our own private pool. hahaha anyway after 30 minutes there were people already but the sun already shines so we went up and ordered a breakfast.



We went back to our room and waited for a Special breakfast! It’s Indonesian’s best cuisine – Java Rice!



And spend more time with each other with our beauty facial mask. I used Love More mask and he used the Dress Me Mask.


Then at 11am we checked out and ate our lunch at cafeteria, we ordered a thin-crust pizza.


Then at 12pm we rode the bus to the terminal and bought their famous delicacies and went back to Singapore.

Mon and I really had a full packed rest day for 2 days! Thank God for giving us this time!



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