With Alodia the Cosplay Queen

UPDATE: Get your 1st Android™ powered with 2.3 Gingerbread and only Playstation™ certified smartphone with SingTel.

This afternoon (April 22, 2011) at Vivo City we witnessed the Xperience the Xperia PLAY for yourself with their ambassador Alodia Gosiengfiao. By the way Alodia is the new ambassador for the Playcast Escape gaming service and the new XPERIA Play – the first and only Playstation Certified phone to date (thanks Singtel for chosing her and bring her here in Singapore).

So here are the pictures we took on that event:

chit chatting with Alodia

I am the happiest person in the world today 🙂


hugging alodia coz it’s like a dream come true!!!

she’s so nice!!! I love her!!!

Okay in favor of all.. here’s Alodia’s solo picture 😉

with Ashley Gosiengfiao – Alodia’s younger sister, she’s so pretty too!!!

with Mr and Mrs Gosiengfiao – lovely and very supportive parents. they must be very proud of their daughters who already achieves a lot more than they could imagine and Filipinos are so proud too!

Mon with Alodia, lucky guy ey?

Want to see more photos of Alodia at Vivo City it’s all stock in my facebook – click here

And by the way about the phone (Xperia Play) she’s endorsing … I am craving for it but I am still stuck with  my Iphone 4 plan so no chance for me to get one! Since I like playing games and obviously aside from facebook and twitter and the rest of the iphone app are usually games and also I only use my ipad for games… so in other words I ONLY USE CELLPHONE FOR GAMES aside from call/text/facebook/twitter.

I WANT THIS XPERIA PLAY … but how lah??? 😉





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