Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Last last week my college classmates Jasi and James and with our ever cutest Thesis instructor Eric Emberda went here in Singapore for a 5 days tour.

On their 4th day they planned to go Singapore Zoo and Night Safari, of course me and my boyfriend went with them coz it will be sooo fun and educational and also bonding with them after 9 months is an opportunity!

How we got there? (Thanks to my uber super nice and awesome friend/mentor Tracy Lemke for directing me what bus # to ride)

From City Hall we aligned at Ang Mo Kio (red line) then went to And Mo Kio Bus Interchange inside Ang Mo Kio mall (in front of the MRT station) rode a bus 138 and for I think 25-30 minutes we arrived to our designated location but we especially to our fellow tourists enjoyed sight seeing lakes, HDB’s buildings that is generally clean and praised Singapore a lot on our way to the zoo.

The address is 80 Mandai Lake Road  Singapore 729826. Don’t worry it is easy to get there if yiu follow what we’ve rode else if you have better to suggest (c’mon comment it out!lol).

We bought the Singapore Zoo Tour + Night Safari with Trams WITH FREE Singapore Zoo Towel or 5 min Fish Spa package… and  we chose the fish spa (bf never tried it before so he wanted it so much) and they chose the SG Zoo towel as a souvenir.

Okay so here are the few pictures we’ve got that you all have been waiting for…

Outside the zoo! we arrived there about 4pm

Baboons! super entertaining! (esp they’re big red butt) they’re so funny, my favorite animals from a primitive family. It reminds me of  IR baboon – the stupid baboon from I am Weasel cartoon.

and I don’t know what animal is this.. and I don’t find it cute either ok next…

Elephants!!! They’re soo huugee!!! too bad the elephant show has ended, we totally missed it!

Rainforest!!! fresh air…hmmm I so miss it!!!

little Kangaroooooss!!!

Zebra’s!!! same color of my blouse , I belong!


me and Jasi with the very cute Lion – the King of the Jungle

It’s us again we were so tired of walking and looking for that brown bear but as we arrived at it’s cage… he was hiding and can’t be seen on his very messy and so forrest cage .. unlucky!


Then after Singapore Zoo, we headed to Night Safari!!! Yey!

But before discovering these nocturnal animals and their behaviors, it’s time to pamper of ourselve first with the so called “Doctor Fish”

Fish Spa. These fishes were eating our dead skins on our feet, and they’re super super hungry!!!

Oucchh!! it tickles!!

After that 5 minutes Spa, it’s time to fall in line …

And then as we got inside, we chose to watched the night safari show before taking the tram

The show was great! The nocturnal animals that was presented were so cute and talented , well trained and I was so amazed of the host – I think she’s an Aussy, she is an awesome host!

After the show we queued in for our next journey, exploring night safari, We didnt took any picture because flashes are prohibited that may disturbs  these animals (scaary I know!). It was so dangerous out there,imagine they are not on their cages and yes! we’re speaking about safari here!they’re out there lying on their convenient place no gates, no walls they can attack man as soon as they like it but I am sure they were trained because we all of us were alive after the safari… heheheh

And out of that trip we enjoyed watching animals that we never been seen before, learned a lot, the tour guide really knew everything about them from start to end (ofcourse that’s why they get paid).

Overall, it was fun! a recommended place to travel when you are in Singapore especially for kids, they will really love it! Just  wear funny drinking t-shirts lol.

For more information visit their website: Singapore Zoo and Night Safari


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