Shiny ,Shimmering , Splendid Singapura!

3 things that come to my mind when I think of  one of the few highly developed country SINGAPORE!!!

and these would be:

Shiny , Shimmering , Splendid

a whole new World…

Singapore is one of the countries that people love to go, a city where a bright & shiny buildings and incredible lighting’s at night. The best Shimmering fireworks were showcased in the events like National Day, Chingay Festival, New Year and etc. And one of the most Splendid country I’ve ever been so far in my entire life for it’s beauty and abundant culture. A perfect place to stay in and to have fun with your family and friends for all the complete things everbody wanted, such as  zoo, a ghost bumping rides, gardens, casinos, Theme parks,beaches,  4D Theaters, first class malls and more!

and now I will  take you wonder by wonder on my magic carpet ride and tour you to the best and the finest places you must go and experience here in Singapore! (around of applause please) *clap clap*

Ara-din at your service

As an employment pass holder for 8 months I never experience boredom and discrimination here in this country for the fact that this country has so many races, people respect each other and  treated each other as equal. The singaporeans shines for their country!

(with the very nice and so kawaii singaporean girls)

in the center of Singapore you can see buildings around Marina Bay  shining beams of light during the night. So amazing… especially when they have an event where almost all people gather and witness the most spectacular fireworks!

the newest and most luxurious hotel in Singapore – The Marina Bay Sands Hotel(bottom right).

one of Singapore’s Fireworks last Chingay 2011 (jaw dropping?)

If you’re a shopaholic, Singapore never fails to beat every girl’s heart when it comes to shopping and every part of Singapore has it’s own malls! and one of the malls that has showcased the shimmering clothes, shoes , bags,gadgets and accessories.

at Ion Orchard Mall – is the country’s top shopping mall where all  luxurious brands can be found here

If you think of Singapore, the thought that must pop in your mind is the famous MERLION. you can see merlion in Merlion Park and one of the most splendid integrated resort – the Resort World Sentosa. and yes! this is my favorite place since I love adventure, games and yeah? UNIVERSAL STUDIO – the breath taking rides , famous cartoon characters, shows, 4D theater and more! if you want to have fun, try here at Sentosa cause everything that I wanted for entertainment are all here and I will enumerate some of the best experience I had:

the Merlion statue at Sentosa, I called it mama merlion. While the merlion that is found at merlion park is the baby merlion 😉

the beautiful architecture of Sentosa. It’s like a dream where playground there is a lake of serenity. And there is also a small look-a-like Louvre museum, you will surely dance in joy when you get here.

Skyride, so refreshing and so relaxed! You might thought that Singapore is not a Green city? well, I think they have 0% pollution!

Riding the Luge is fun! it’s like riding a car/bicyle and as a length of 650 meters!! double fun eyy??

let you mesmerize the  magnificent songs of the sea show, do you heard a show with water jets, flame bursts, lasers and fireworks musical show? This is one of the best!

We’ve strolled through the Butterfly Park!Go there and they’ll fly around you! You’ll feel like your in Alice in Wonderland or Rapunzel that every time you walk there, there is a butterfly following and surrounding you 🙂

Candy Land – so much candy is gooooddie gooodiee like!

and Universal Studio! Everyone must go here! experience the thrilling ride, beautiful and fantastic attraction, Shrek 4D Theater (I so love this), and  see Shrek, Betty Boop, Puss in Boots,and other famous characters in PERSON! 😛

you can enter the magical palace of Shrek! yep it so big like a real palace! 😀

and other splendid places to visit:

If you wanted to know the history of Singapore you may visit Singapore Museum.

if you want to see lots of living wolves (which are actually dead, hehe), come here at Singapore Museum it’s really amazing!

Like to party? well, go to Clarke Quay and meet gorgeous and handsome people in Singapore.

Want to swimming? Go to Jurong East Sports Complex and have fun on the wave pool, 5 story high slides and fast waving pool.

If you want to eat? go anywhere in Singapore , with their mouth watering dishes and desserts I am sure you will get fat within 3 days 😛

and That’s some wonderful  places here in Singapore that  I  can tour you with my flying carpet.

Thanks for reading my post and I know you’re craving to visit Singapore now! visit your favorite airline’s website now and check if there is a promo to Singapore 😉

Bye! Your majesty is now signing off!

all photos came from my camera with my friends who helped me who take them.  So all the credit goes to me.. hahaha =)


  1. Wow, Singapore sounds so inviting! Excellent photos..hope to experience Singapore’s rich culture and interesting places someday..;) keep it up 🙂 more photos plzz..


  2. “Shiny , Shimmering , Splendid” – reminds me of the movie Aladdin! And I couldn’t agree more.. I myself is dreaming to visit this place someday soon (help me God to resolve this DOST related issue para maka gawas na ko)..

    SG your my next destination! m/


  3. sugoi! I could really say it’s a shiny, shimmering, splendid place just by looking at your pictures. I hope I could visit those places that you’ve been through when I go to Singapore.. ^^


  4. wow…can’t wait to see some of those sceneries in Singapore…love it pril..hope you can tour us around..17 days to go….


  5. never been to all the best places in SG but i could say its fabulous.. lots of nice and fun stuff… looking forward to be there again… :p


  6. Me and my hubby will visit… hopefully someday soon. Galaway akong mata, ilong and mouth sa mga food!!! LOL *sigh* ^_^


  7. WOW…pwede maulaw??


    mao jud na aq unahon ug adto kung makagawas q ug pinas.wahahah


  8. SG is the best place to visit. parang nandito na lahat2x. cool stuffs, wonderful places, and different food cuisines to try. KOREAN cuisine is my fave, =)


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