Microsoft Arc Mouse

I just wanted to write a review on the mouse I currently used now because it’s so AWESOME and I so like it!

Honestly, its not mine =) it’s from my boyfriend I gave it to him last Feb 23, 2011 as a birthday gift and since  he always lie down  and doesn’t usually use a mouse while doing something on his uber thin laptop. So I had the chance to use it and I am a person who is not convenient in using the laptop’s touch pad, I’m very used to using a mouse.

(bf and sis testing the mouse and they’re happy!)

I already used tons of mouse already and based on my experience only Logitech passes by standard, by the way here are my standards on chosing the best and I-will-use-it-forever mouse:

1. It got to be comfortable to use!

2. Can work without mousepad or any pad that works like a mousepad

3. Wireless, if possible =)

4. Not as expensive as MAC air mouse (damn!)

5. small and not fat!

6. No battery needed

7. Doesn’t easily broke ofcourse!

8. Portability – to all OS! no driver neeeded

9. Scroll Wheel must be present else don’t sell it Seller! Nobody wants it! 😀

10. I don’t know what’s the correct term because I am lazy to search on it, I want it to be smooth and it works just the way I want it too 🙂

Based on my standards, I realized that I am referring to Microsoft Arc Mouse! hahaha but seriously it’s so amazing, at first I am not so comfortable of it because it’s so arch but as time passed I think the arc really made me more comfortable, and note you can fold it to 60% of its fully expanded size when you’re on the go! and wait you know what’s the best part of it? ITS WIRELESS and no battery needed it work immediately after you expand  and connect the small stick to the USB port. and also YES! it’s portable on all OS (not just Microsoft) see what my Bf’s laptop on the picture above, obviously it’s not Microsoft and Don’t you ever think it’s Linux  😉

But, still I am not contented like almost everyone of us do, I want to use that Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse!!! Anyone want to give me that??!!!



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