Samal Davao City Philippines

Since I will be going home this April 2011 I will share to you few of my favorite spots in Samal Davao City Philippines. and Yeah! I will feature to you the best beaches that can be found in the Philippines (You might thought that Boracay is the only white beach in the Philippines)

1. Babu Santa Beach Resort- You can go here when you get the Island Hopping Package because this resort is so clean and so virgin. I so like it here but it has no electricity and no proper cottages and not fully maintain.

Island Hopping

Beach is Relax

2. Pearl Farm Resort – this resort is the most expensive resort in Samal, it is considered as the best tourist spot in Davao. As expected to this resort, full accomodation, clean, well maintained, luxurious rooms and nipa huts, great view and also VERY DELICIOUS FILIPINO FOODS.

Pearl Farm Resort




3. Maxima – If you want adventure, MAXIMA is the best for you!  All water sports , very long and fast slides and other outdoor adventures. The place is not that convenient, but hey your looking for an adventure right?



4. Blue Jazz Resort – If you want a cheaper version of Pearl Farm that has water adventures like long slides, zipline and a lot more, this might be the resort you’re looking for.

WARNING: all images under Blue Jass are so bad, I used Digicam and still unedited(lazy mode)




5. Canibad Resort – You want far? No electricity? BUT VERY CLEAN RESORT? Check this out!

AGAIN VERY VERY BAD PICTURES (took this last 2007)

6. Fernandez Resort – If you want a resort in samal that is near to the terminal and convenience store, has a clean toilet/comfort room want to spent privately with your companions and never mind the low tide? This must be the place.

7. Hi5 – if you want to go to Samal but no plan to  see beach (if you have a trauma seeing beach) and don’t want to see many people. This is your option.

So that’s all I can share, There are still lots of resorts to choose in Samal but these are the few resorts that I have been. If your planning to have a vacation in Davao, I highly recommend you go in Pearl Farm or Island Hoping and experience the cool scuba diving like we did. Cheers!



  1. Take a look at your shortlist of locations and then look at the travel costs. You have worked out the best places weather wise and for experiences, now just see which ones are affordable to your group.


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