Scuba Diving

Last March 29, 2010 Me and my boyfriend went  Island Hopping with the ICT Davao lead by Mr. Ber Barriga, We were just strangers and anonymous to the group, we’re like gate crashers. In any reason, we just want experienced how enjoy island hopping would be and to dive without any completing requirements such as trainings and medical check-ups (Men! I hate that!). I will just divide my experiences in every Island we went to and first let me tell you about our scuba diving experienced.

We dive at Babu Santa Beach Resort – a venue for Lunch, Coral Garden (swimming/snorkeling/kayaking/). There were also lots of Island Hopping boats near to us.

Me and Mon were first timers in this activity, I was so scared because it really needs oxygen under. Upon wearing the suit, I was really shaking, shaking to death and wanted to back out, but our good trainer was really guarding us for almost 40 minutes, he also toured us and took pictures and video for souvenirs (it’s included in the package).  I was really amazed by the beauty under the water, the colorful and alive corals and the different kinds of fishes. I also touched the corals that are allowed to touch and it’s different very extraordinary!. One way or another, I was also having hard time breathing because of my Asthma.

Overall experience, it is 100% but it would be my first and last, can’t take inhale exhale but I enjoyed it so much!

By the way, the rate for Island Hoping package excluded the Scuba Diving (Optional not required to all passengers), so additional Php 800.00 per person including the mini training, suits, needed accessories, pictures/videos in a CD and assistance.


me and Carlo (the trainer )

me and Nemo

me and boyfriend dating under water


Stay tune for my next drama posts , I mean adventure posts!



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  2. Wow, what a charming photos. I myself dreaming about diving this summer-autumn. Planing to visit Philippines for a month or 2. Just looking some cheap and interesting places, cause Boracay is a bit expensive. Can you suggest something? Palawan or maybe Cebu


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