Blockchain – FOMO

most companies are now jumping on the blockchain bandwagon or it’s a FOMO disease. We should be protecting the data not the pointer to it! One of the main advantages noted by blockchain enthusiasts is the fact that once on the blockchain the information cannot be altered. However, as the actual data is stored in... Continue Reading →


Artificial Intelligence – Potential or Peril? Event

Attended the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore (BritCham) Breakfast event - "Artificial Intelligence - Potential or Peril?" today with Andy Smith. Some great speakers and learned a lot from the panel. My takeaway from this event is that AI is truly a powerful technology but it won't easily solve your problems, you need to think carefully about... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence – Are you Ready? Event

Had a great time yesterday attending the “Artificial Intelligence - Are you Ready?” event at Singapore Management University with Andy Smith. Some really interesting talks, especially the one from Srikiran Raghavan at Facebook who spoke about how AI is helping to drive more intelligent marketing solutions for their partners. There was also a great panel... Continue Reading →

IWD2017 PHPWomenAsia: Female PHP Developers

So today is the International Women's Day  and it is celebrated around the world and there will be a lot of events celebrating  women's achievements. As for me I will be attending a BritCham event that our committee organised at the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore - Women In Business which will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.... Continue Reading →

Copy and paste code you don’t understand

I recently bump in to  this post this morning - Nissan app developer busted for copying code from Stack Overflow . As a developer, we don't know everything and thanks to Google, Stackoverflow and to awesome programmer's blogs we can copy and paste that a piece of code they suggested and add it on our lines of... Continue Reading →

WordPress Brute Force

Nowadays WordPress websites are complaining that they sites been hacked. Initially they blame your coding, well in fact they are the one who decide to use it. Then you have to explain bla bla bla... WordPress is the most famous CMS and no doubt with that, it deserve it a lot! But there are smart... Continue Reading →

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